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    Cloudy House (2011) by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

    Photographed by Toshiyuki Yano

    Location: Oita City, Japan

    The housing lot exists together next to farmland, and the atmosphere there is calm compared with the city part. There is no special, wonderful view. However, the flow of light and the wind is correct and solid. We thought about a suitable house for this environment, about what should be of the house with this open state, near farmlands and fields that already exist. The physical plan opens up to a driveway and windswept terrace that penetrates through center of building, creating an open space. In addition, the exterior texture and the terrace of the carved gabled roof has characterized this building. Moreover, a sense of existence as the material object of the building is made to come to the surface. We tried to produce the opened state by suppressing private elements of the house by design. The interior is contrasted with the externals, and light fills each room. Every room is a composition combined with the complexity of the courtyard and has been configured by the cross-sectional shape of the porch and gable-type complex interlocking each room. This indoor variety also produces the state that opens in the meaning with abundant choices of the experience. By hue and feel of the material of the appearance, the building almost vanishes for cloudy sky, a characteristic as “open state” that appears to most.

  • from89:

    Embroidered Eye Illustrations by Sam P. Gibson

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  • jvnk:

    Tangible Memory: The Poetic Photo Frame That Arouses Love in Heart

    This photo frame created by Weng Xinyu is part of a larger collection of home items called “Good Medicine Tastes Bitter" that essentially provide the user with a less-than-perfect experience in order to convey a larger idea. The Tangible Memory photo frame has been created to represent the passing of time and loss of memories. If the photo frame isn’t touched by the user, it gets blurrier over time. When the user touches the glass, it reappears.

    Check out the whole series here.

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  • creativemornings:

    We love this project by CreativeMornings/NewYork attendees Erin Przekop and Tom Critchlow, Fiercely Made, which highlights the work of local Brooklyn makers and designers (available for purchase!). Featured here is the EVK LIGHT by Colleen & Eric.

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  • rfmmsd:

    Digital Artist:

    Leonardo Ugalde

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    Artist & Illustrator:

    Roberta Maddalena 

    "GRAPHITE SERIES - Drawings ”

    Graphite on Paper

    50 cm x 70 cm

    (Source: robertamaddalena.com)