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Styling by Täällä asuu 

"Outstanding Citizens" Series от gerhardhumanOutstanding Citizens 1 - 5. Limited Edition Prints for Those Who Wander Exhibition.

"Outstanding Citizens" Series от gerhardhuman
Outstanding Citizens 1 - 5. Limited Edition Prints for Those Who Wander Exhibition.

Man On Earth от rupertvandervellThese photographs highlight the unique visual characteristics of the human form against the urban background.

Man On Earth от rupertvandervell
These photographs highlight the unique visual characteristics of the human form against the urban background.


Bálint Magyar is a 29 year old graphic designer and illustrator living in Budapest, Hungary. His main reason for creating is self expression, sort of a way to deal with his own emotions. He also likes visual experimentation, pushing the limits of what he finds visually appealing or meaningful. He posts his art on Tumblr as c-ntr-st.



Esther Stocker was born in Silandro, Italy 1974, studied in Milan and Pasadena before moving to Vienna, where she now lives. Stocker has shown her minimalist, monochrome paintings and trippy 3-D installations at prestigious galleries across the globe. Her artworks based on grid structures and on the colors black, white and gray.

I’m quite interested in structures that are ordered and disordered at the same time – the idea that parts of a structure can become autonomous. In some ways the work is quite minimal and simple, but I think there’s complexity within the grid – a transformation within a repetitive structure. And I think this relates to office life: There is routine, but within that, individuality.



Featured Curator: Ali // ctrl-glitch

Guillaume Kurkdjian, AKA bisouslescopains, is a 22 year old digital artist from France. Guillaume began his artistic journey in high school, after class and during his free time. He started with 3D art, animation, illustration, and photography, along with film-making. He continued to pursue his passion during his 5 years of marketing school, and has been a freelance illustrator and animator for almost two years.

Guillaume’s simple, smooth, and colorful creations and mini-stories have gotten him a lot of attention in the internet’s digital art and design community. When asked what inspired him to start making art, he said:

"My brother, a lot! and also the Nature, internet and everything I see when I take the train."

Some of Guillaume’s favorite artists include Justin Mezzell, Timothy J. Reynolds, Michiel van der Berg, and Dan Matutina


Glowing Inlaid Resin Shelves by Mat Brown

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Featured curator: Justin Ruckman

Travess Smalley takes found vector graphics, prints them on assorted papers and transparencies, stacks and splices them together, and then digitally scans the finished product only to continue the remixing process even further in Photoshop. The result is Vector Weave, a series of large-format vinyl prints.


Craig McDean - Jil Sander, Spring, 1996


Craig McDean - Jil Sander, Spring, 1996

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Kris Trappeniers is an urban and stencil artist who currently resides in Belgium. Studied art history and advertising art at the academy of Leuven (SLAC).

Versatile and experimental approach to stencil, inspired by traditional Japanese papercuts (kiri-e), anti-pop culture in the eighties and the arts & crafts movement of the 19th century.
Stencil and papercut design is based on small intricate ink drawings, often the stencil is used just once (as opposed to serigraphy), afterwards the pochoir is colored with acrylics and ttransforms into a decorative artwork itself. This cycle forces the artist to continuously come up with new designs and run through the cycle again.
The process from drawing to finished work is completely analogue, without the use of software or photo filters. Some designs involve more geometrics, resulting in analog halftone designs with a ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect. 

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